Social Security Number Updates

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Payroll, E-Verify, and benefits enrollment are all impacted by missing or incorrect social security numbers.
Are you a foreign national who received your social security number after you began working? If so, start with step 1a below and then skip to step 2.  Review these guidelines for applying for a social security card if you have not yet done so.
If you are a US citizen and your SSN is incorrect or missing from the HR System, start with step 1b below and then move to step 2.
  • Step 1a (foreign nationals): Once you have received your SSN, contact International Compensation & Taxation (ICT) at to update your SSN in the HR system.  ICT will guide you through the process to upload your Social Security Card for accurate information update. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SSN IN YOUR EMAIL.  Once the SSN has been updated in the HR System, you will receive an email with the subject “Need Your Confirmation of Amended I-9 Form with NC State University” from with a link to the amendment and you should follow the instructions to approve and sign the amendment. Questions related to the I-9 can be directed to: or 919-515-2135.
  • Step 1b (US citizen): Reach out to the Payroll office at to obtain a secure link to update your SSN. Questions can be directed to Payroll: 919-515-4350.
  • Step 2:  Benefits Enrollment  – Employees in benefits-eligible positions will not be able to enroll in the Mandatory Retirement Plans, State Health Plan (SHP) or NCFlex plans (housed in the benefits enrollment portal) accessible via MyPack until your SSN is updated in the HR System. If your 30-day new hire benefits enrollment period has passed once your SSN is entered, contact UHR Benefits for assistance. You will not have access to the enrollment portals without an SSN updated in the NC State systems.