Separating Employee Guide

Working with your Manager and/or a designated contact in your department, follow the steps outlined below to ensure your exit runs smoothly. Not all steps will apply to all employees; complete only if applicable. Printable Version

If you have any feedback about our current Offboarding process, please let us know.

Preparing for Your Resignation/Retirement

Note: If transferring to another state agency, it is critical that you let your HR representative know so that your service time and leave balances are transferred accordingly. Failure to notify the HR Representative will result in an inaccurate payout and loss of leave transferred to the new agency.

EHRA employees are expected to provide their immediate supervisor with one month of advance written notice of resignation. EHRA employees on contract are encouraged to work towards a mutually agreed upon termination date if the individual intends to voluntarily separate prior to the completion date of their contract. Important Note – If you are an academic with a defined end date (e.g. Contingent, Contract, Limited Term, or Sessional) and your appointment is ending on the pre-determined date, you do not need to submit a letter.
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SHRA employees are encouraged to provide their immediate supervisor with written notice of resignation at least two (2) weeks or ten (10) workdays prior to the last intended workday. Unless otherwise defined in the Office of State Human Resources Manual, the last day the employee reports to work will be the separation date.

Dear [Manager’s Name],
I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from [insert current position] and my last day of work will be [enter agreed upon last day of work]. I will (or will not) be transferring to another state of NC agency.

I have greatly enjoyed being part of this team and I would like to thank you the opportunity to work for [insert department/group name]. I have learned a lot about [insert skills, topics, etc. you have learned] and I know these skills will serve me well as I move forward with my career.

Please use this letter as my official notice of resignation. Let me know how I can be of assistance during this transition process. It has been a genuine pleasure to work for [insert department name] and I wish you all continued success in the future.

[insert your name]
[insert your title]

Retirement Planning Resources: Retirement Planning Booklets, Phased Retirement Program, Retiree Medical Plans.
Attend a Ready to Retire class
Contact your Benefits Consultant to begin the process.

Retiring EHRA and SHRA employees who submit application for retirement will also sign the following statement:

“I understand that by completing an application for retirement and associated paperwork that I am submitting my intent to retire from North Carolina State University.”

This notice will be shared with your department at the time you complete the application or no later than 30 days prior to the effective date of your retirement. Upon receiving such notice, your department will confirm your intent to retire and make arrangements with you concerning submission of your resignation. Once your resignation is accepted, please be aware that your position may no longer be available even if you subsequently decide not to retire.

Begin reviewing information about your leave and benefits continuation to ensure coverage as needed.

Review retiree-specific benefits information if retiring.

Contact Benefits Office with specific questions.

International Employement
If your employment-based immigration status was sponsored by NC State, please contact International Employment at to inform this unit about your last day of employment. If your sponsoring unit has ended your employment earlier than the end date on your status approval notice (or I-94 card), then it might be required to offer you the reasonable costs of return transportation abroad if you are in H-1B or O-1 status. Please contact the International Employment Manager for more information.

J-1 Scholars
Complete and submit the Departure Form to the Office of International Services (available for download on OIS’s Forms for Scholars page). Please also contact OIS to ensure any immigration procedures related to the end of your employment are completed (including notifying OIS if your appointment ends prior to your DS-2019 end date)

Office of International Services
320 Daniels Hall, 111 Lampe Drive
Campus Box 7222
Raleigh, NC 27695-7222

If you have any questions regarding the Offboarding process or would like to schedule a time to meet with an Offboarding Specialist on your last day, contact our office at either or 919-513-1278.

We are happy to assist with the separation process and answer any individual questions that you may have. Your department/unit may also reach out to discuss unit specific information.

Connect With Your Manager/Department Head

Work with your supervisor or department representative to return assets and terminate system/data access. The following tools will help with these steps.

This form should have initially been completed at the time of hire to document the assets (keys, access cards, computers, credit cards, microscopes, equipment, phones, vehicles, uniforms) and system access rights that were assigned and maintained in the employee file. At the time of separation, the form should be used to document the return of those assets and inactivation of system access (even if not used to initially assign assets).

NOTE: Security Liaisons for the department must contact Security Applications & Technologies at to have key card door access removed for buildings, offices, labs, etc.

Property Disposition and Transfer Policy and Procedures
Disposal of University Property.

Notify appropriate IT staff to review the individual’s current access to systems (e.g. Moodle, Google, PeopleSoft HR, Financials, SIS, RADAR, ADVANCE, etc) and submit a revoke/termination access request through appropriate channels.

Systems Access Request (SAR) for HR, FIN, and SIS requests

Complete the Knowledge Transfer Plan

Arrange a time to meet with your manager to discuss the status of your teaching / projects / committee involvement / etc. and plans for knowledge transfer as needed. In addition to any knowledge transfer that must take place, ensure any university information / data is transferred to an accessible secure shared drive and is not saved on your individual drive, hard drive, or Google drive.

Ensure all outstanding expenses & reimbursements have been submitted and approved before your last day.

• P-Card–The Cardholder or reconciler can initiate a change request to Inactivate the card through the NCSU Card Center. The card must be shredded or cut into pieces. DO NOT return the card to the PCard Administrator. Standard Operating Procedures
• Cancel all future travel
• Cancel all future trainings

Ensure all time and leave is approved in WolfTime before separation date and verify the “forecasted balances“. Inaccurate balances have a direct impact on leave payout amounts.

NOTE: Once your HR Representative enters the termination action into the HR System, you may see your leave balances change to “0” in WolfTime in preparation for any leave transfers or payouts. If you want to see your leave balances, you can forecast your balance up to the day prior to your separation date. Log into MyPack Portal, click on Wolftime, click on “Absence Balances,” then click on the arrow next to “Forecast Balance.” From here, select the date prior to your separation date and then select the type of leave you want to review. Video instructions on how to view forecasted balances.

NOTE: If you are transferring to another state agency, check with the new agency to confirm their policy on the acceptance of leave balance transfers. Each agency may vary slightly in what they will accept from NC State. If transferring to another state agency, it is critical that you let your HR representative know so that your service time and leave balances are transferred accordingly. Failure to notify the HR Representative will result in an inaccurate payout and loss of leave transferred to the new agency. If you have any questions about the leave transfer process, you can reach out to HRIM Records at 919-515-7929 or

More info on leave balances, payout, or transfers

Retiring? Review retiree-specific leave information.

For Project Budget Owners, Principal Investigators, & Key Research Personnel

For employees engaged in research.

The separating employee should meet with the faculty and/or graduate/post Doc student(s) to discuss the next steps. Once discussed and Department Head and/or Associate Dean of Research agree with the plan, they should meet with the College Research Officer (CRO) for assistance with transitioning the research portfolio.

The Campus Research Officer will assist in developing a disposition plan to include the following:

* Grants, contracts and cooperative agreements for which you serve as PI: For each, will the project transfer to a new institution, remain at NC State under the direction of a different PI, or be relinquished? Verify technical reporting obligations are current. PI Transfer (if applicable)

* Grants, contracts and cooperative agreements for which you do not serve as PI: For each, will you continue to work on the project through a subaward, consulting agreement, or other arrangement? Changes in key personnel effort commitment, including change in employing institution, usually require sponsor prior approval.

* Other agreements such as data use agreements and membership agreements for which you are responsible.

* Project personnel: Will support staff and trainees be supervised by someone else, transfer employment, or be given notice of a position ending date?

* IRB and IACUC protocols, Lab Animal orders

* Data security and technology control plans in which you are named

* Laboratory safety/biohazard plans in which you are named: Disposition of waste, decontamination needs, identification of responsible individuals if operations continue.

* Capital assets, materials and supplies: Transfer of items associated with active project transfers, update CAMS.

* Records and data: Disposition of databases, lab notebooks, etc. Arrange for copies if you will continue to work on the project.

* Intellectual property: Ensure invention disclosures are current in the innovator’s portal and notify the Office of Research Commercialization of departure.

* Special licenses or security clearances

* Documentation retention-Where will items be stored, who pays for it (Department, departing faculty member, etc)

* Who owns the samples/materials, what leaves and what stays, who pays for storage/destruction, retention policy?

Laboratory Relocation-Move-out/Move-in/Start up procedures and checklists


Property Disposition and Transfer Policy and Procedures–Provides guidance on the disposal/transfer/loans of ALL NC State University property-regardless of value. Note: Of particular value is the decision tree at the end of the document providing a snap shot view of how to handle the disposal/transfer/loan of property.

More guidance can be found in the PRR for Disposal of University Property.

Before Leaving the University

These items may be taken care of when meeting with an offboarding specialist.

The University wants to better understand what faculty and staff value most in their workplace and why they leave. It is highly encouraged, but not mandatory, for all separating employees to complete an Exit Survey. The information furnished is confidential and will only be used in summary form as a means to identify patterns or trends in the work environment at the University.

SHRA/EHRA Non Faculty:
Exit Survey

More Info
If you would like have an in-person exit interview, please call Employee Relations at 919-515-6575 or email at

Faculty Exit Survey
If you would like have an in-person exit interview, please call 919-513-3245 or email Danielle Carr at

Postdoc Exit Survey
It takes <1 minute to stay in touch! Please provide us contact info here.
Check out the postdoc alumni page on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website.
Join our Postdocs Past & Present LinkedIn Group to stay connected.

Separating employees using payroll deduction must cancel their virtual parking permit to Transportation prior to the end of the month to end payroll deduction, otherwise, parking charges will continue to accrue. You can visit Transportation’s Cancel A Virtual Parking Permit page and complete the requested fields to include the date you would like for your virtual permit to be turned off.

• If an employee cancels the parking permit during Payroll lockout the employee will get charged the full monthly amount for the permit and then a prorated refund will be issued.
• If the employee paid in full upfront for the parking permit, they will need to complete the Cancel a Virtual Parking Permit form to request a prorated refund.
• If an employee is part of a Carpool they must complete the Cancel a Virtual Parking Permit form to stop payroll deduction. The Transportation Office will contact the remaining carpool members about their options.
• Wolftrails members will lose access to order any remaining daily parking permits.

Go Passes will be deactivated upon termination. If the Go Pass was paid in full, a prorated refund can be processed by contacting Transportation. If paying through monthly payroll deduction, the deductions will stop when deactivated. Go Passes can be turned into the Transportation Office or turned in during your offboarding appointment.

Transportation Department
Administrative Services Building I
Campus Box 7221
2721 Sullivan Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695-7221

Reference: POL 07.60.01 section 2.2.4

Employee’s can return their One Card to either location below or the supervisor/department can shred it for them.

One Card Office (Talley Student Union)

During meeting with Offboarding Specialist (Joyner Visitor Center)

Employees retain full access to their Unity account, including access to email, MyPack and other campus resources, for 21 days after their separation date. After 21 days, the Unity account becomes disabled and you have access only to the MyPack Portal through April of the year following your separation. At this point, your password will be scrambled and if you need to login to the MyPack Portal, you will be required to reset your password. Your password will be reset to the DEFAULT password which consists of the last four digits of your Employee ID and the four digits of your birth month and day, so it is important that you keep a record of your Employee ID #.

If you are unable to reset your password, you can reach out to or 919-515-4357 at any point to have it reset.


You will continue to have access to Employee Self Service through April of the year following your termination in order to collect your electronic W-2 and print pay stubs.** If you will be relocating and/or need copies for financial institutions you may want to print copies in advance for ease of use.

**Important Note: You will need DUO 2-Factor Authentication active to access any accounts using your Unity ID and Password. Maintain the DUO functionality as long as you need to reference any NC State University Systems. If you delete the DUO app from your phone, or get a new phone/phone number, reach out to the Help Desk at or 919-515-4357 to get backup codes.


You will continue to have access to your Google account for approximately 21 days from your termination date. (If you are a current/former student, contact for guidance regarding the continued status of your account.)**

**Important Note: You will need Google 2-Step Authentication active to access your NC State University email account at any point after separating from the University. If you get a new phone/phone number, reach out to the Help Desk at or 919-515-4357 to get backup codes.


Ensure your Direct Deposit Information in the MyPack Portal will be valid for a minimum of 60 days after you leave the university. Expense reimbursements or leave payouts may not be processed until after your last day of work. To ensure you receive these payments in a timely manner, it is recommended that you keep your bank accounts open until you have received all final monies owed by the University.


Ensure your mailing address is up-to-date. Accurate contact information will ensure that final university documentation and benefits continuation information are directed to your correct address after departure. To verify and update your personal information, including home address and phone number, log into the MyPack Portal and update the information in Employee Self Service. If your address changes prior to receiving your last W-2, be sure to update it in the MyPack Portal or notify the university Payroll office to update your address.

Change any customized information (e.g. working title) in the Campus Directory back to the default information. This will eliminate confusion and mis-information if you return to the University in a different role. This is especially important for retirees to complete.

As you prepare for your departure from NC State University, please download copies of all your ClassEval reports while your unity ID is active. If you need access to your ClassEval reports after you have left NC State University, please contact the Human Resource Representative in your Department or College with your request.

ClassEval Results

Additional Resources for Retiring Employees

Visit the Retirement at NC State page for more information on action items that may need to be completed for retirement.

Visit the Perks, Privileges, Continued Work web-site for specific details and links for additional resources. Includes information on continuation of email, working after retirement, retiree associations, and misc. perks.

Association of Retired Faculty

Emeritus Status Any tenured full-time faculty member, Special Faculty, SAAO Tier I or II who has served for ten or more years State University is eligible to apply for emeritus status. Status is granted to retiring full-time faculty and administrators in recognition of dedicated service.For additional information regarding obtaining Emeritus Status, please call review policy: