Parking 101: Staff (SHRA), EHRA, Faculty, Administrators, Post Docs

  • Employee parking for the C permit is $31.50 a month and for the CD or DD permit the cost is $37.50 per month.  All are set up for payroll deduction.
  • Permits can be requested online via the MyPack Portal up to 5 days ahead of your start date as long as your hiring action has been entered into the HR system.  (Please note that you are responsible for payment of the permit from the day you request it and the cost is not prorated to your start date, so it is most cost effective to wait until the day before your start date to request your permit if possible.)
  • When the permit is requested via the MyPack Portal, you will be asked to print a temporary permit for immediate use until you receive a confirmation email from transportation that your licence plate has approved.
  • Parking permits are virtual, your license plate is your permit. New employees will receive an email confirmation once parking credentials are valid.
  • If you wish to back into parking spots, you must purchase a front facing vanity plate through Transportation. Manufacturing may take 2-3 weeks.
  • What permit is best for you?  Discuss parking options with others in your building and/or your supervisor to determine which permit might be best for you.  Employees are eligible for three types of parking permits, C and CD, and DD.  You can use this parking map to help make your decision.“C” permits offer multiple lots across campus but some lots may fill up.  If a lot is full, you can then go to another “C” lot.  “C” permits are not valid in the Coliseum Parking Deck.  “CD” permits are valid ONLY in the Coliseum Deck (off Cates Ave).  This deck generally doesn’t fill up, but you are restricted to only parking in the Coliseum Deck until 3:00pm. After 3:00pm, you can park in any University deck, but not in “C” lots. DD permits are valid only in the Dan Allen Parking Deck.
  • Employees physically located on North Campus can put their name on the waiting list for a “B” permit that would allow them to access “B” lots.
  • Alternative parking options  include carpooling, vanpooling, discounted transit passes, and bicycle and pedestrian commuter incentives.
*Please refer to the NC State University Transportation Office for the most up to date rates, permit availability, and enforcement policies.