While You Wait on Campus Credentials

Your NC State Employee Identifying Credentials are an essential component to system access and recognition as an active employee for various steps in the Onboarding process. These Credentials are known as your Unity ID and the associated Employee ID number. The most critical of these is the Unity ID.

The creation of your Unity ID is a result of a hire action initiated by your department in our HR System.  Unfortunately, this process may be delayed for a variety of reasons resulting in a delay in your credentials and access to many campus systems. 

How will you know when your campus credentials are finalized?  You will receive an email from onboardingcenter@ncsu.edu with your Unity ID and instructions on how to set up your password and schedule an appointment with the Onboarding Center.

Once you have received an email from onboardingcenter@ncsu.edu schedule a time to meet with an Onboarding Specialist to complete your new hire checklist.

To check on the status of your hire action, contact your supervisor or your department’s HR Representative.