Password Change Form Instructions – Do Not Use per Help Desk

Note: If you are not new to NC State and have previously used a Unity ID loggin, you may need to RESET your previous password using the criteria below. If your break in service has been less than 21 days, no further action should be needed; you should be able to access your NC State accounts using your previous information. If your break in service has been greater than 21 days, access the Password Change Form and click Reset Password. If you have Unity ID Security Questions, follow the prompts as they are provided. If you do not have Unity ID Security questions, an error message will appear and you will need to contact the NC State Help Desk at either 919-515-4357(HELP) or The Onboarding Center can also assist with this process in person at our office.

Unity ID Security Questions Must be Created Prior to Changing Your Default Password

1. Go to the Password Change Form (

All four fields must be completed using the instructions below.

2. Enter your Unity ID (provided in the Welcome email from the Onboarding Center)

3. Enter your Current Password

Your Current (default) Password is an 8-digit number composed of the last four digits of your Campus ID number and the last four digits of your birth month and day.

For example, if your Campus ID number ends in 1234 and your birth date if January 31, then your Current Password is 12340131.

If you ever request a password reset, you will enter this default combination explained above.

4. Enter hello1234 in the New Password field (this will NOT be your new password, but will allow you to bypass the required field criteria and get to the Unity ID Questions Set-Up form).

5. Enter hello1234 in the Confirm New Password field.

6. Click Submit

5. You will be presented with the Unity ID Security Questions Form. Using the drop-down menus, set-up three security questions using either the default options provided or create custom questions

6. Click Submit

7. Once you successfully set-up the three security questions, you will receive a confirmation page that directs you to immediately change your password. Click Change Password from the red link options.

8. You are now back on the original Password Change Form page

Creating a Custom Unity ID Password

1. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 above

2. Enter a custom password in the New Password field

You MUST have all Green Check Marks next to the Password Requirements

The Password Recommendations are suggestions only, and do not have to be used for a successful password change

3. Re-enter the same custom password in the Confirm New Password field

4. Click Submit

The system takes about one minute to process the password change request.

**If you receive a Restricted Word error, then the letter combination used in your custom password does not meet the NC State Office of Information Technology criteria for a secure password. Please enter a different custom password following steps 2 and 3 above. The system does like pass-phrases (e.g. icheer4thepackeveryday). You will most likely use this password frequently on multiple systems; keep it simple.

Accessing MyPack Portal and NC State Email

Make sure to enroll in both 2-Factor Authentications before accessing your MyPack and NC State email account.

MyPack Portal can be accessed from the NC State Homepage ( Click on the little red Resources brick to open a larger menu and click on the MyPack Portal link.

NC State is a Google-Suite campus. Access your NC State email account using any Gmail log in page. Your NC State email account is formatted using your and the same custom password you created to access your MyPack Portal.