Onboarding Center Mission & Vision

2021/2022 Annual Report

Our mission is to create an efficient and  positive onboarding experience for new employees by providing superior personalized customer service, serving as a knowledgeable resource, enhancing institutional pride and engagement among employees, building and maintaining positive relationships with university partners, and promoting the university culture.

Our vision is to be a premier resource for developing an engaged and productive workforce using a customer-centric focus to promote pride, collaboration, and efficiency across the University while serving as the benchmark for effective higher education onboarding practices.

Our guiding principles for how We SERVE the NC State Community by:

Honesty & Integrity – being clear, respectful, transparent, trustworthy, and accountable.
Diversity & Inclusion – being a dynamic organization that embraces the unique characteristics, talents, ideas, and world views of people.
Collaboration – creating solutions that fully satisfy the interests of all parties.
Creativity & Innovation – empowering people to make discoveries and solve problems.
Empathy – listening and understanding others’ perspectives and need.
The Onboarding Center exists to serve you.

We SERVE by exemplifying the following values:

Simplification: Reduced complexity through standardization and automation
Excellence: Best in class standards and results
Reduced costs: Savings of time, money and resources
Value: Measurable benefit
Exemplary Service: Accurate, efficient, and responsive services